Country work without any damage to the spine: Dr. Myasnikov

Started the holiday season, many people left the garden, on nature. And among patients seeking treatment to doctors, it became more of those who complains about back problems. How you can avoid them, while continuing to work on your favorite five acres? Dr. Alexander Myasnikov in the program “Doctor butcher” on TV channel “Russia-1” told about the prevention of spinal injuries during the summer work.

He admitted that he loves to travel to the country. “But what we do in the cottages? We get to do what I loved since childhood! The garden, digging, weeding and so on, — said the doctor. — My mother could never sit, it was called “green finger” — “green thumb”… But dig had me. I played sports, I was a wrestler, I lifted serious weight. It would seem that dig up the flower bed?! Actually, it’s quite a different exercise: it’s one thing to drag the bar, and another thing to dig. And muscles other injuries – other”.

the Cause of back pain that people, digging up kitchen garden beds and doing other work on earth is wrong and wrong moves. To avoid this, the doctor recommends to the butchers to learn how to stand, sit and bend over with a flat back. “Not “crochet”, and with a flat back is your muscles will remember, — he says. It is very important for prevention of injuries of the spine. The fact is that when you bend and unbend the spine and some vertebrae of the lower back is a terrible pressure, and it just might crunch, particularly in older men, and older women – exactly. From here your osteoporosis and vertebral compression fractures”.

“we Must do everything with a straight back and bend down, and dig — advised the doctor. — If you want to boost some thing, you should squat with a straight back… This is very important!”

Man, unaccustomed to physical exertion, lUBA activity is given heavier. Dr. Miasnikov recalled the need to do restorative exercises and to learn to relax all the muscles. It showed what exercises should I do to relax the muscles of the back “cat”, “fish”.

he Also demonstrated exercises to strengthen the press, and various push-UPS. Some of the spectators they can seem daunting. But the doctor said: it’s never too late to strengthen the body.

“you can’t say: “I am 60 years old. 65 years!” You are exactly as young as you feel, — he reminded. — And in General, a sick person is the one who feels sick and healthy person – one who considers himself healthy. Everything is possible! Go ahead, don’t be lazy and make it happen! Always assign tasks, and even unbelievable, and, most importantly, do it! Physical activity is not only a cure for coronavirus, it is generally the cure for all diseases and, most importantly, of old age.”