COVID-19: daily growth rate of cases in Russia increased slightly

During the day, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection amounted to 6760 people died in 147 patients, from the data of the operational headquarters. While 2167 (32,1%) carry the virus without clinical manifestations.

Daily growth rate in Russia rose slightly: on the eve the Russian Federation was recorded 6556 patients, 30 June — 6693, 29 June — 6719.

as of Thursday, July 2, in the country identified 661 165 cases COVID-19, 9 deaths and 683 428 978 discharged (6 047 issued in recent days). Thus, Russia is now the sick 222 504 people.

According oberstab, in Moscow, recorded 662 cases of new coronavirus infection, 39 people died and 1055 recovered.

In the capital, the prevalence of COVID-19 on Thursday, was 0.88.