COVID-19: increase of cases returned to the April figures

According to the operational headquarters on June 18, the last day in Russia revealed 7 790 new cases COVID-19.

Thus, the daily gains for the second day in a row is kept below the bar 8 thousand people, returning to the April figures (before the increase was 7 848 people and was the lowest since the beginning of may).

the Total number of cases of new coronavirus infection in Russia at the moment is 561 091. In the world ranking is still the third place (the first US — 2 160 000 infected people, the second Brazil — 950 000 cases).

Recovered 313 963 people, 239 of 468 patients while continuing treatment, 7 660 died.

In Moscow, the number of coronavirus patients increased to 210 785 people (plus 1040 cases per day). 130 431 the patient is discharged, 76 871 continuing treatment, 3 483 people died.