COVID-19: India has sounded the alarm, Australia shuts borders, and Slovakia loses care

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the international Monetary Fund and the world Bank said that the annual autumn session of their governing bodies will hold online. In scheduled for October of the videoconference will be attended by the Finance Ministers and politicians from all over the world. Meanwhile, in the United States go back to the restrictive measures in Australia, close the border, and in Brazil waiting for the test results which handed President Bolsonaro.

Foreign students will be required to leave the United States if the fall classes in their schools because of the pandemic, will be held online. And those who would like to come to the States to study, just do not get a visa, said the authorities. Despite the assurances of Donald trump, it’s all under control and it was time to return to normal life, some areas are renewing the restrictive measures. In Florida because of the growth in the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus, again, close the restaurants and fitness centers. One of the leaders of the Republican party, afraid to get sick, refuses to go to the party Convention in August. The mayor of Atlanta said that already infected. Despite the lack of symptoms, the test result for coronavirus COVID-19 — positive. Again talking about the risks in new York.

“the Threat is still real. And it really bothers me. Recently, we lost vigilance, ceased to keep a safe distance, boldly go out to the festival going crowds and do not wear protective masks. I don’t know how else to encourage you to be vigilant. Think about your behavior! Because the consequences will impact directly on your health,” refers to the Americans the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo.

the reality of the threat finally recognized the President of Brazil. Air Bolsonaro canceled all scheduled for this week events: said that he himself developed symptoms of coronavirus infection. The test is already done, waiting for results. Brazil is now the second highest number of confirmed cases of infection COVID-19 in the world. And after a couple of weeks, the country intends to start trials of the Chinese vaccine.

One of the largest cities of Bolivia — Cochabamba — littered with dozens of bodies. the Funeral service simply cannot cope with the load and not have time to bury the dead. This has already led to massive protests.

an Alarming situation in India. This country has the third highest number of confirmed cases of infection. Nearly 700 thousand people — an absolute record for the time of a pandemic. The authorities even decided to resume work of the Taj Mahal, a popular tourist attraction. Although it was expected that it will open this week.

And in Australia indefinitely closed the border between the most populous States — New South Wales and Victoria. According to the authorities, since the beginning of the pandemic these States was the only country that remained open. But now cases of infection became too much.

“what is happening in Victoria do not occur anywhere else in Australia. This new round of pandemic, and therefore requires a new reaction. The situation in Melbourne there was just unprecedented,” — said the Prime Minister of the state of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian.

However, in some countries the situation stabiliziruemost. Slovakia said that it opens the border for residents of more than 30 States. They now do not need the help of negative tests for coronavirus СOVID-19, neither a two-week isolation. We are talking about EU countries, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. However, by the Slovak foreign Ministry recommends to refrain from trips.