COVID-19 retreats: as a Moscow hospital out of the red zone

Part of the Metropolitan hospitals derive from assistance COVID-19. Doctors after mandatory quarantine are returned to their families and to their usual work. Available again all elective surgery, in the clinic you can ask for regular consultation, and not just for emergency case.

the Last phase of cleaning after a large-scale gas disinfection. Two months in the urology Department of hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo treated is infected with a coronavirus. And here — the long-awaited return to the usual position.

“Now send employees to the isolation and a few days after receiving the tests will start working”, — says Alexey Pogonin, chief doctor of city clinical hospital named after S. I. Spasokukotskogo.

For patients with COVID-19 left separate housing. For the rest — the Observatory with the mandatory test and CT scan before the procedure. Open 200 surgical beds, intensive care unit.

“Really looking forward to when we can assist the ordinary patients, because we know that they are looking forward to it,” explains Liudmila Sheremeteva, nurse oncourological Department of city clinical hospital named after S. I. Spasokukotskogo.

Natalia wait. After a broken elbow it set the metal plates in the 31st hospital. Time to remove had a time in the epidemic when the entire hospital was in the red zone.

I’m very waited, when the hospital opens. Didn’t want to go, just wanted to you.

Goggles that quickly fogged up; protective suits, in which the hot; lives in hotels without meeting with relatives. I work on the edge a little rest, I recall not only difficulties.

“different opened team. Dedication, sacrifice, friendship. All this is most evident in terms of coronavirus infection close to the military field,” — says Anton Demidov, head of the hospital short stay hospital №31.

within 2 months of the epidemic in the hospital named Demikhova treated almost 5000 patients toranaviruses. But now the clinic is back to regular work and routine patients.

Stanislav Bartholomew in a protective suit, but this armor made of lead, he again vascular surgeon. Operates the patient, whose diabetes may lead to amputation of legs.

“All the arteries of the lower leg practically it closed, plans to open at least 2 arteries,” says Mr Bartholomew, head of the Department of roentgenosurgical methods of diagnosis and treatment of the clinical hospital named VP Demikhova.

Two days ago in this operating saved Galina Zorin, which has had a heart attack.

“Brought to the Department and me, once I took the tests all took and operated”, — says Galina Zorina, the patient of the clinical hospital named VP Demikhova.

an Experienced resuscitator Alexey Golubev admits that this “evil” disease, as coronavirus pneumonia, he’s in his practice have not seen.

“you Can talk to a patient, and after 5 minutes he may die. In our Department, were patients with complications: respiratory failure, multiple organ failure, renal failure”, — says Alexey Golubev, head of Department of resuscitation and intensive therapy for patients with acute myocardial infarction clinical hospital named VP Demikhova

Knowledge of the endocrinologist Natalia Martynova very useful for care for patients with COVID-19. Now here again patients with diabetes who are treated, and learn how to protect themselves from infection.

“the Laboratory works, performed the rapid diagnosis that allows for very fast work and focus, not to miss the infection in the office,” — explains Natalia Martynova, endocrinologist clinical hospital named VP Demikhova.

In normal operation, return clinics, redeveloped in hour CT centers. Brought here in an ambulance for 100 people a day. Not less work was and away.

“at the same time more than 1,000 people, to whom it was, of course, to come daily dwash, monitor their status, to perform certain procedures,” recalls Yakov Sandakov, head physician of the city polyclinic № 109 of the Department of health of Moscow.

to Sign up to a specialist in the clinic now, again, by telephone and via mobile services.

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