COVID-19: Russia dropped to fourth place in the world

For the last day (as of July 6) in Russia, the daily growth of new cases COVID-6611 amounted to 19 cases in 85 regions of the country.

Died 135 people, according to the operational staff on its website stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.

In Moscow, according oberstab per day identified 685 new cases COVID-19. 632 the patient was discharged with recovery, died 22 persons.

it is also Noted that in the capital, the lowest growth rate of new cases of coronavirus in Russia (0.3 percent).

it is Noted that the daily increase in cases of novel coronavirus infection in Russia continues to decline, and on 6 July was the lowest for the last two months.

By the total number of registered diagnoses, Russia has fallen from third to fourth place in the world.

On the third line rose India, where, according to Johns Hopkins University, the daily increase of cases of new coronavirus infection is more than 24 thousand cases, and in General at the moment, there was more 697,4 thousand diagnoses.