COVID-19 Russia: per day ill 8 726

For the last day of the coronavirus was diagnosed in 8 726 people in 85 regions of the country. Have 37.1 per cent of those infected there were no clinical manifestations of the disease. The total number of cases in Russia – 449 834. Such data results in operational headquarters.

the prevalence of infection is gradually decreasing: in Moscow equal to 0.83, the whole of Russia — 0,98.

Died 5 528 patients (144 of them in recent days), issued just 212 680 (8057 in recent days). Recovered in the country every third patient all the time of the pandemic.

In Moscow revealed 1 855 new cases COVID-19 per day. The total number of infected — 191 069. Died 2 806 persons (of them 57 for the last days). Recovered more than 97 thousand people, as reported earlier, Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova.

To date, conducted more than 12 million tests Kovid, according to CPS. Under medical supervision the whole of Russia are the 317 thousand people.