COVID-19: specialized children's home in Magadan quarantined

due to the outbreak of COVID-19 SPECIALIZIROVANNYJJ Dom rebenka in Magadan is closed for quarantine. According to GTRK “Magadan”, according to the latest coronavirus infection was confirmed for nine employees. The whole team 104 people passed the tests.

none of the children the virus has not been confirmed, said chief freelance infectious disease region Elena Kuzmenko. Sick employees are at home on isolation. All but two — asymptomatic course of the disease, she said. In the opinion of the Governor of the region Sergey Nosov, the cause of the infection could be poor standards of hygiene.

meanwhile, the regional city of Susuman, by decree of Sergei Nosov today being quarantined. According to information obtained from the head of the Susumansky district of the city Alexander Lobov, 21 people fell ill. All in contact with them, the people tested. Smears sent to Magadan. Residents are required to comply with home mode and minimize outputs into the street. Permitted purchase in the shop, dog walking, rubbish removal. Also getting around the city allowed working residents to obtain emergency medical care. To leave the city only with a certificate of negative test for coronavirus.

According to the latest data, in the region during the day ill 15 people who died there. Since the epidemic began in Kolyma contracted 287 resident, 203 recovered. In total, conducted more than 18 thousand tests COVID-19.

Text: GTRK “Magadan”