COVID-19: the number of deaths in the country remains relatively high

For the past day coronavirus was detected in 8 595 people in 83 regions of the country. At 38.1% of those infected there were no clinical manifestations. The total number of cases reached 253 485. Such data results in operational headquarters.

Daily gains in Russia as a whole is kept at the same level (from 9.4 to 8.3 daily). However, in Moscow daily growth rate continues to fall. If 2 through may 11 in the capital were more new cases COVID-19 than in all other regions, may 12, the number of regional cases is slowly growing (with a little over 5 thousand to 7 thousand now), and Moscow cases, significantly reduced (from more than 6 thousand to the current one and a half thousand).

in addition, in Russia the day he died, 171 patients. Just for all the time of the pandemic died 6 142. Discharged from hospitals 242 397 patients (11 709 issued in recent days).

In Moscow over the past day statistics the following: 1572 new cases COVID-19 per day, 59 death and 5390 recovered.

the prevalence of infection in Moscow was 0.94 (eve — 0,93), in the whole country – 1,01 (in the past month it varied within from 1.1 to 0.9). In the country held more than 13.2 million tests for coronavirus. Russia remains in third place in the world in the number of cases. The first US (1,96 million infected), followed by Brazil (707,4 thousands).

In the capital today removed the basic restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus. Canceled digital pass transport and walking according to the schedule, open beauty salons and veterinary clinics. Residents over 65 years of age had the freedom to go out. In public places should continue to wear a mask and gloves.