CPS: disinfection of the pavements and roads does not make sense

According to specialists of Rospotrebnadzor carry out disinfection of the pavements and roads in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus does not make sense. You need to handle those surfaces which directly contacts, for example, benches or playgrounds.

“Just watering the sidewalk — we have no recommendations, meaning it is also not” — said Deputy head of Rospotrebnadzor Irina Bragina, RIA Novosti reported.

however, she clarified that the disinfecting work in the hallways of apartment buildings should take place only at night.

“We do not give permission for use of disinfectants, especially by aerosol, in the presence of a person,” — said Bragin.

Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in Moscow 11 times conducted a large-scale disinfection of the city, during which the city streets, sidewalks, Parking lots and courtyard areas shed with special solutions. The last time such processing took place in the capital on 6 June, the utility was able to disinfect more than 300 million square metres of surface.

“I Used only the tools recommended by the CPS, they are safe for humans and animals”, — reported earlier the Deputy mayor of Moscow in the Moscow government Petr Biryukov.