CPS: don't eat marmots, and the plague will not be

the danger of spread of plague in Russia. This was stated by Advisor to the Director, Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, academician Victor Maleev.

Plague was detected in two people in the West of Mongolia. This region borders the Russian Republic of Altai. Two people got sick. The government of Mongolia took the necessary measures and ensured that the reasons for concern. Then the bubonic plague was confirmed by a Chinese herdsman in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia in Northern China.

the Plague is spread through fleas, a parasite on the marmots. The people of Mongolia eat them, despite the restrictions. You can also become infected when handling the Groundhog. However, according to Maleeva, all these are isolated cases.

“Plague is not a cov because there is a vaccine you can get vaccinated, especially the staff of the anti-plague service, they themselves are vaccinated, the population in some districts are vaccinated. And then for distemper there is a cure”,- told RIA Novosti the male.

Also working in Russia antiplague Institute, has anti-plague station, which are catching squirrels, marmots, mice and examined them for infection. Maleev reminded that one should not eat meat Surkov, as stated in the recommendations of the CPS.