CPS: how to safely eat in the era of pandemic

CPS has developed nearly 50 guidelines, including for restaurants. In the capital city of the veranda of the institutions began work on 16 June and the 23rd was possible and the facilities inside the premises. As the business took place during the pandemic, why restaurateurs offer a block of the street, and whether a second wave COVID-19, the TV channel “Russia 24” said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova and restaurateur Arkady Novikov.

Novikov: — Hello, Anna! I am very glad to see you, I am with you in absentia sign. You’re the most popular woman on the TV screen now. I constantly see, because all the time my whole family is fascinated by this story of the coronavirus. My wife is afraid to leave the house still, thank God that we were given the opportunity to work because it was very difficult to wait. Was state aid, maybe it’s not as big as we all want, but it is. What do you think has opened restaurants in Russia. What do you think? How can this happen? All ready?

Popova: Well, you know, for all this situation, we actually practised, but that the degree of readiness of different countries now is obviously different. We all understand that the epidemiological community, the scientists that once that moment comes, because when something is a new bug, wrote about it a lot, and there are works of art and fiction, that will be the time of the virus. He was not so terrible, as written, assumed, what was preparing, but, in General, it is quite unexpected and comprehensive in this part of the world’s problems proved a challenge. We overcome this challenge. Russia overcomes significantly better than other countries. And exactly because we are overcoming, we have the opportunity to start working for certain areas of services of different directions. And it is important to do this so to avoid risks. The world has changed, we talk about the new normality, and we should have new rules. We started to write new rules when we have more peak was not. We knew that it all would go. It was already clear that this infection has its epidemiology, we have begun to understand and we understood that some time will pass, and must be returned in new conditions. And we wrote those rules. Today, almost 50 guidelines, not strict requirements and guidelines which are changing and which are now common in all the spheres of our activities. But, to answer your question, I, first, wanted to thank your community for being in a difficult situation, when the doctors in the “red zone” when my great colleagues in the lab day and night do not go when people are at home and familiar way of life has changed and it is not clear, we have every habitual way of eating, and your lovely colleagues just feed people. They were preparing for doctors, they would bring ready-made food. They each tried his best. And, I think, is that we have underestimated, but it should definitely be evaluated. Today I want taking advantage of our meeting to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved, who knows who professionally cooks who work in this field, and who at a time was near, folded his hands, did not rely on something else, and began to help people who, in fact, at this point, took it worst. But the restaurant business goes in different ways. You understand that they are different segments, different levels, in different subjects of the Russian Federation a different attitude. Somewhere else to eat at home and never going to eat somewhere, used to cook at home. But things are changing and I want to say that those who are beginning to work responsibly. This mask is sanitizer is a number of other requirements that are met. But here, you know, I like to ask you: how do you see this situation and what do you see changes today, and what would change then?

Novikov: Thank you for the compliment about helping hospitals and medical institutions. During the quarantine we all talked. I know that enoubut many of my colleagues, including us, were brought ready-made food products, we even have our greenhouse for the quarantine period brought about 5 tons of vegetables to hospitals. I think this is very cool. While we were closed, there was a lot of companies that are engaged in delivery. We also, our company has also tried to rebuild, tried to deliver, and, in General, to some extent, it helped us. Probably thanks to some specific requirements of the CPS, we worked all the time. I know what I want to say that all the time, for me, the exterminators and the CPS – it was such a peculiar organization.

Popov: — It is one and the same. We are a single whole.

Novikov: — It is now. And before that? I’ve been working on, I’m a grown restaurateur. All the time it was an organization with a club, which walked us all the time punished. Now, the CPS must have become an institution, which is not something that punishes, and helps perhaps, teaches us, tells us how to run properly, and how to act. And, in fact, all positive so to speak. We have a nearby, visited the CPS, photographed, told, looked, said everything okay and, indeed, at the moment you need not a sledgehammer, and help. More help than a slap to the head.

Popova: I know what I want to say, a situation from which we are now entering, she still made us change our approach to the health of others. And I think that’s changing relationship to the requirements. But we and requirements change. We are trying not what to adapt and easier to do, but we are trying to do right, to require only what you need to claim. And everything else is explained. Guidelines, we are now releasing an illustrated collection of explanations, explanations of how to do so exactly for the restaurant business, not to be mistaken. I think it is very important that panimaetsya already, but we have a large restaurateurs, Moscow and major cities, and there are very many such small institutions where there are technologists, where there are no experts who can. I know that many of your colleagues as such specialists are recruited specialists from Rospotrebnadzor. They go, decent salary and enjoy working.

Novikov: I was here.

Popov: Is a variant of the norm, because it is good for us, because, when the organization of the process deals with people with the right education, with the understanding that it is always good when engaged in a professional. And that’s changing the way even in the preparation of regulations, we have developed this new approach that need to be taught, it is necessary to explain. It is necessary to clarify what are the risks of a particular action can cause to human health, for which, in fact, everything works. We go to a restaurant, we want to relax, we want to eat. And then it was nothing. Yes? To the customer was just happy. And the man with the hand that prepares it, who provides the service, it naturally must understand that this requirement is not crazy. If it is not performed, then tomorrow can be such a risk or such. For this we have a slogan, a call to teach for free, but not necessarily. And like that we all together have implemented it. We implement two years, we have a large number of events in the whole country. Again, probably in Moscow, where the number of professionals is concentrated sufficiently high, and the problem of other small towns and villages, where business is growing, I’m not going to give an example of a roadside business on nutrition, but it’s also a examples. Well, when all is well. And yet somehow, in cooperation with big business really want your support to learn was necessary. We take this function to teach for free. Just come, we’ll tell you how to do everything. Here, I thinkI have yet to such a field of interaction and many of your colleagues very carefully about this and your staff send. We have a large number of learning in the whole country, and of course there is a certain dynamics. The dynamics of how we feel? Consider the dynamics of the disease burden. But there is another aspect of our common work. This is part of the national project and the Federal project in this part is via a healthy lifestyle. After all, food should not only be safe, it must be useful. Here today we a little change the paradigm. It is only necessary that it be, then, that it was impossible to poison, and now we say it must be such as to make it useful. And today we have a new attitude to regulation. Not just that there was nothing harmful, but it to be useful. We need such food. And that’s how you feel about that?

Novikov: — you, the CPS is probably the first word “useful”, then “tasty”, perhaps. And we have people who are engaged in the restaurant business or any food, it must be tasty, affordable and, then, probably useful.

Popov: — How do we bring together?

Novikov: — How can we reduce? Because we think differently. We first set out to attract the customer. The client cannot feel at a time is useful or not.

Popova: And we at this time client learn that only useful we must have it configurable.

Novikov: — Again the question arises: consciousness and unconsciousness restaurateurs, the people who deal with food and the consumers themselves, because someone eats every day bread that do not need to eat, or burgers, and should be alternated with vegetables, fruits or something else. But still a possibility, perhaps, of the purse is also important.

Popov: — do You think that healthy food is more expensive?

Novikov — 100%.

Popov: — 100%.

Novikov: You see, again we can talk, we can address the issue of child nutrition in schools, because little money is allocated to food.

Popov: — Now a lot of money allocated.

Novikov: Oh, really?

Popova: Absolutely, look. The first time was made in the presidential address this year on January 15. It was implemented in law, two laws have changed – the quality and food safety, and education in the Russian Federation, and all children of primary school places 1st to 4th, with 1st to 3rd classes at different elementary schools have from September 2024 to start getting free hot and written, healthy eating in schools. That is, all children in primary school have to feed, but to feed correctly.

Novikov: I’m going to argue with you, because children, when you they come and give the plate and say eat up, it’s useful, they will not eat because they eat only when it is tasty. And how can healthy cream of wheat, which I used to eat in kindergarten, if it is a lump? I never in my life did not eat. Or how you can eat chicken with some side dish if there’s no gravy? It will be dry.

Popov: — Left you and teach you how to do.

Novikov — Delicious. That’s just there must be some little tricks. I’ve recently know what came up, I was once involved in food in schools, it is very difficult and a big responsibility. The first is responsibility. Look, bring the children in the morning such as porridge. So I went to school, I am sometimes asked to see how to operate canteens in schools, I went to look. Go – look. Well, there are the children one will eat and everyone leaves. It is necessary to make some smoothies, it is necessary to do so in the first place was tasty, so they like to eat. But it’s important to have tasty and healthy. And sometimes that is useful, and then he not eating nichego. Here you useful, and then everything is thrown.

Popov: — When the government established the headquarters for the organization of hot meals. If you don’t mind, I will lobby for your part in it. It’s very important to be organized so that children ate. Otherwise, they do not eat. See what’s happening? They come to school, the government spends money, something. We know a new indicator: the index of Neshamot, half out.

Novikov: — Here, look, I went to school, ask: look, you cook the soup, and why you are in the soup do not put the greens? They say we have some restrictions because the rules are still those of the former, and the greens in the soup can not be put.

Popov: — we changed the rules and made them regional. Because children in Yakutia do not drink the milk, it was never accepted in their families. And children in the Arctic, when half the night, should get more vitamin D. And now we’ve done diets, they are exemplary, they are not mandatory, diets, tailored to each region, the features.

Novikov: — It is correct.

Popov: — Join.

Novikov: I’ll try. I can give some advice about that long enough there is a debate between the community of restaurateurs, the CPS change camapigners. We already have a General understanding of what is to come, because the community of restaurateurs, I know, I asked that we did not check entirely and never touched that, in principle, I support. But I tell them: guys, you do too understand, and the CPS to monitor the health of all citizens and the order of work. It is clear that nobody will give you freedom. Who is going and who will take on this responsibility? I wanted to ask actually, what is happening now in this regard? Whether there is a General understanding and how you think, in the coming months will be whether this new decision, the new rules of the health inspector?

Popov: — Well, you know, we would have wanted, so they already happened, because, in my opinion, they are fully cleaned, fully agreed. We coordinated with a large number of your peers, and we practiced not only in Moscow, we were working in the regions. What we have today as a project, it is incomparably better than what is now used. The longer we wait, the longer we live in the old paradigm.

Novikov: — But I want to cut so much that they can’t come. I understand that it will not work, I guess.

Popov: — it does not happen. The only thing I can say is that two months of restrictions all ate at home, we have not had any outbreaks of intestinal infection, just no.

Novikov: — it’s All about us, in the restaurateurs.

Popov: I think that there may be several vectors that you need to analyse and summarise, but it’s true, pure statistics.

Novikov: — See many of my colleagues say that in the West everything is much easier, all at ease. Nothing of the sort. We have different restaurants outside of Russia, there too, there are quite strict rules. Sometimes they may be even stricter. Only, there there are certain rules that you just say what you have to do and what you shouldn’t do. And it is necessary strictly to comply.

Popova: Well, we have a lot in common Affairs, which, I think, in large part at the start, and this interaction, in my opinion, learned a lot from each other. And today, we hear each other very well with colleagues, meet with you in person the first time, and your colleagues a very good dialogue. I was completely satisfied. Because we say: a) language and b) the goal here is the consumer. And you to be good to you.

Novikov: I Want to ask. We were given permission to work in Russia on the verandahs and everywhere, in Moscow at least on verandas, in restaurants. I have such experience, not even experience, and information. In the West, for example, in America, the state, local authorities do not want the clients and guests went inside the hall, because there is a likelihood of Contracting more than on the street, and they are expanding summer terrace, Playground for more visitors on the street. We have a restaurant in London in which the local municipality almost we were allowed to block the street, stop traffic, we don’t have porches, and are allowed to make a veranda on the street in the restaurant that didn’t have porches. The question is this: it may be appropriate to increase these summer veranda?

Popov: I would support you fully in this part. Epidemiological usefulness is obvious, the economic for those who of these areas has today, we need to watch and weigh. In part, the epidemiological feasibility I’m certainly ready to support you.

Novikov: Well, Yes, because it’s probably not our decision, and the decision of the city.

Popov: — the City of each municipality.

Novikov: — it would be great for us.

Popov: — We hope that we will complete the Saga coronavirus, sooner or later it will be inevitable.

Novikov: — so you think we will complete it?

Popov: of Course.

Novikov — And you don’t think that will be the second stage of infection?

Popov: unfortunately, not many scientific publications in the world about the creation of population immunity. Exactly what is supposed to protect the population, that is the whole population. And we much later for two months entered into this process than a number of countries. This means that we have formed later. Our scientists say that sooner than 48 days after disease see immune system, which will remain and will protect the person just before. In these terms we have just begun our research – not that we were not ready, or something we did not do, and exactly because of smYSL here right now these deadlines, and in different subjects in different ways. But what we already see today, suggests that the immune system is formed, and those who are ill and those who are easily ill. We don’t know yet, and nobody knows how long he will last as long, but it’s something we now have to find out.

Novikov: — it is said that there is already some sort of vaccine, medicines have any that help?

Popov: There are drugs, there are domestic drugs, and of course here, very well done, and our business and scientists who could…

Novikov — And the vaccine?

Popov: — Vaccines each state makes its. There are several United skooperiruetes between businesses in the West that do this, we have in the Russian Federation, but the vaccine is very important for any drug – first, that she was safe. So, carrying allegedly favor, protecting, not harming. This is very important. And this always takes time. And countries start to do it a little faster than everyone else, probably, image believe that they have something to gain, but then the entire international scientific community and not jealous at all begin to say, not hurried. Because the main thing – security. Well, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke recently and said that as long as she was safe. This is very important. And the time is always there. Because the longest study of any drug and vaccine if it’s something new, if it is already known, if this is something new — to understand it, does not affect whether the drug on different systems of the human body, does not affect whether it is reproductive function. Or, to see affected or not affected, need to laboratory animals, most often mice, has brought three generations of offspring.

Novikov: I mean, is this how long?

Popov: Well, it’s months always.

Novikov: I mean, it’s fast.

Popov: It’s not gode.

Novikov: — You communicate with employees or with some people like you protected as you are protected?

Popov: — just as I came to you – the mask and gloves. We now sit, we are sitting at a distance with people who are also not closer than five feet from us and we risk neither for them nor for us they are not present, and everything around us is also masked in another way is impossible, no other way. But well, there is this, and he defends, that’s for sure.

Novikov — in the car, in the pocket I carry sanitizer. And everywhere we have rules on the input, the output, in the toilets, everywhere we have disinfectants.

Popov: — It’s, you know, say we do see more positive purchase – we learned how to wash their hands of the whole world.

Novikov: Yes, I go home, we have house dogs, they start barking, and the wife shouts: do you hand wash? Thank you very much.

Popov: Thank you. I’m pretty sure together we all will win. And the fact that we had a dialogue with the community and it is such a lovely speaking with you, thank you for that.