Crazy whined. In the southern Urals Skinner tied the dog in a field

In the Chelyabinsk region rescued the dog knackers left tied to a pylon in the field. Poor dog was accidentally discovered by a resident of Yemanzhelinsk, reports GTRK “southern Ural”. While riding on the bike after the guy saw an animal which at the time was already depleted.

“the Poor dog was tied on a very short rope, it is severely depleted. Judging by the dried and trampled grass, she could stay there for a few days. Animal much whined and called for help. Good that my brother noticed him. Untied, fed,” – says a local resident.

Imagelinc but indignation expressed bewilderment – why was so cruel to do this to a dog, if it was possible to pay someone via social media.

“If you don’t need a dog, give it back. Now a lot of opportunities to place information in social networks, someone will take it. In extreme cases, it was possible to let go, and so he was left to die alive, ” commented the followers in social networks.

the Townspeople have suggested that the owner of the dog wanted it is certainly not returned home.

Text: STRC “South Ural”