Created app preventing accidents while handling chemicals

Errors in the mixing of certain chemicals often leads to fires, explosions and injuries. Evaluation of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases USA, the mixing of incompatible chemicals leads to the 4,500 injuries annually, half of which occurs in homes. Even in the laboratories and facilities, staffed by professionals trained in all the rules of safe storage of chemicals, such misfortunes are not uncommon.

Engineers from the University of California, riverside have developed a program with open source ChemStor, which can be the perfect solution. The specialists used a branch of mathematics called graph theory. A graph is a set of points (graph vertices), some of which are connected by lines (edges of the graph).

the Program builds a graph each vertex of which represents a particular substance. Then she paints it so that the peaks responsible for incompatible chemicals, were different colors. To make a conclusion about the compatibility of certain reagents, the algorithm uses the data of the Agency for environmental protection of the United States. .

the User needs to ask the electronic assistant for advice on how to store and dispose of the necessary substances. The program provides clear instructions for each set of reagents and warns if they can not be mixed.

Text: To.Science