Criminal negligence: SK called the cause of the fire in the North-East of Moscow

the Investigating authorities after the incident in the North-East of Moscow opened a criminal case under two articles of the Criminal code of Russian Federation: causing of heavy harm to health on imprudence, the destruction and damage of property by negligence.

As reported on the website of the Investigative Committee, the resident of the house on the street of Drifters showed criminal negligence when handling gas equipment. As a result of human action of the cotton, and further the occurrence of fire. Two people were injured, also damaged possessions and structural elements of the house.

currently, the injured victims are in city hospital, where they provide the necessary assistance. Also interviewed witnesses and residents of the home. They explained the result that the man, in whose apartment the cotton periodically abused alcohol. He is also hospitalized and is in serious condition.

At the scene continue to work with the investigators and criminologists.

state of emergency in the North-East of Moscow occurred on Monday, June 29. According to eyewitnesses, first heard a loud pop and then the house started a large fire that engulfed at least four apartments.