Crimson sky: the Australian pilots have shown, in what conditions it is necessary to fight the fire

the Press service of the Royal Australian Air Force — Royal air force Australia, released footage depicting the difficult conditions in which pilots have to execute tasks to ensure the operation to combat growing fires.

the First part of the video filmed by the crew of the transport aircraft C-27J Spartan, after a few calls landed in the city Mallacoota, Victoria, to pick out local residents awaiting evacuation to a safe place.

the authorship of the second part of the video belongs to crew member C-130J Hercules. Military transport aircraft tried to bring to the airport of Merimbula, New South Wales, soldiers of the fire brigade, who were supposed to help colleagues, opposing large-scale spread of fire. At that time the pilots failed to perform the task and went to the alternate – capacity to execute a safe landing, not presented.

Recall that the forest fires raging in Australia since September last year. During this time, 24 people were killed, six more are in the list of missing persons. The number of people forced to leave their homes in the thousands. According to experts, the fall of the fire burned areas in excess of five million acres.