Viral infection happen at all. Surprising, because in our world — more than 200 pathogens that are transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact-household.

Every year in Russia reveal about 50 million infectious cases, while 90% is ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection). How with them to struggle?

Nothing. Imagine meet so many people. Others, however, believe that the war against infection of all good, and the more drugs the better. So who is right? Let’s face it.

Lemon, garlic and honey. SARS itself will be held?

Supporters of “nelecheny” I think that the sick organism is better left alone. He knows what to do with the infection, because the wise nature gave us a good immunity. Why interfere in the natural process?

During the SARS should not take any medication, perhaps you can ease the symptoms. Sore throat soothe grandma’s tea with raspberries. Tired of the annoying runny nose? Put on the nose a warm compress with sea salt. Shooting in the ear? Why not make a drop of aloe? (Sorry, house plant, nothing personal).

in General, the most important thing for a cold — rest, drink plenty of liquids and humid air. Can’t argue with that. But the rest is difficult to fully agree. Folk remedies is not a bad thing, but some of them can cause allergies. And effect have to wait too long.

And what about immunity? Not at all he’s strong. Very often he needs tweaking, soft, gentle support and assistance.

Extra health wouldn’t hurt. Let pills be a lot?

opponents of the idea “do nothing” sure specialized medications banish all viruses and bacteria. And they are the most different, because there are different agents in the definitionindigenous authorities and systems. And it is best to always been analogues. Will not help the tool of one brand like another brand.

In the body farsighted patients you can find several types of antiviral and immunomodulators, and an impressive stack of antibiotics.

Care and attention to their health is good, but is it worth it to overload the body with drugs? Not all medicines are combined with each other. Besides, the body, accustomed to permanent safety net can be “lazy”, and its ability to resist infection weakens.

What to do if you do not fit either the first or second treatment options?

in order to cope with the viruses, not oppressing the body with lots of different tablets and medicines you need to treat carefully and gently, it is advisable to act at once in several directions. We need to strengthen the body’s defenses, inhibit the ability of viruses to multiply and reduce the risk of development of bacterial complications. And another good idea would be to make the disease did not return in the near future.

How to find a medicine able to work in multi-tasking, with proven and available?

“Derinat” — what is it and how does it work?

“Derinat” is a means to combat viruses, begins to work immediately, directly at the place of infection.

Before you get inside, the causative agent of SARS to overcome the first natural barrier — the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. If she is healthy and sound, the virus will not be easy. But if the mucous is weakened, dehydrated or traumatized — the road is open to any infection. “Derinat” restores the protective function of this barrier, taking care of her and to be healthy due to its pronounced raparchivname property. The antiviral function of the mucosa is normal, this means that a significant part of the immune system is in full combat readiness.

“Derinat” works not only outside but also inside. It gently supports the body’s immune. How does it happen? In the cells that are responsible for innate immunity, there is a special toll-like receptors. They detect viruses, bacteria and fungi and start a chain of immune response. “But” sets these “watchdog” receptors, allowing for faster and better recognize the infection. It helps to cope with the disease easier, and the healing process is more comfortable, often without complications.

Triple antiviral protection drug works “on all fronts” and does it perfectly natural for the body. The reason is simple — in based universal remedy — sodium desoxyribonucleate. This substance is of natural origin, which is suitable for people of any age and even for infants. “Derinat” can be given to babies from the first day of life.

the Complex action of “Derinat” helps not only sick, but also easier to recover without any complications and weakened immunity.

For convenience, the drug is available in form of drops and spray.

When taken regularly, the body receives anti-virus protection for a long time. Be healthy, strong and active!