At the capital’s stadium “VEB-arena” under the renewed championship of Russia met CSKA and “Zenith”. But it’s more than just football.

Here it is, the first kick of the ball. After three months, football has returned to Moscow. And this is a real celebration of sport.

In the stands — only about three thousand fans. Between half a meter distance. The stadium should be filled to no more than 10% of the seats — these are now the rules.

Before the match — no traditional handshakes between players, which the day before was tested for the coronavirus. In the ceremony of the release team was not involved, as it usually happens, the youngest pupils of football schools. But all this had no impact on the atmosphere the most important match of the round.

the Players walked to the stadium through a special disinfecting installation. And in the premises, in hospitals now there is a clean area with restricted access.

the Measures taken by the Russian football Union, praised Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. Before the match, he personally walked almost the whole stadium to ensure that new sanitary rules apply.

At the entrance of each fan temperature was measured and those who have forgotten personal protective equipment, were given free masks and gloves. Only with them you can now cheer for your favorite team. But can this be considered an inconvenience when finally for the first time stadium was opened!

It was especially important to create a safe environment not only for players but for the fans. And the matches that already took place, showed fans to their own and others ‘ safety react responsibly.

Among the fans in the stands, the doctors of Moscow hospital that received to match a special invitation.

Until full normalization of the new sanitary rules will be in effect for all matches without exception. And here’s another important detail: today’s match was interrupted for 20 minutes. Players and Bolellikey loud applause thanked the doctors, thanks to which big football and was able to return to stadiums.