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Cyberexperts: in 2020, the world expects a new cold war

Cyberexperts: in 2020, the world expects a new cold war

a New cold war starts in the world in 2020. She will break out in cyberspace. The fake news before the election will become an Internet trend in politics, but companies and ordinary people must be wary of old threats like phishing and viruses extortionists. This forecast was made by the IT-company Check Point.

according to experts, cyber attacks will increasingly be used as an indirect conflict between small States that are supported and funded by the big countries seeking to expand their spheres of influence.

Also expected to increase in the number of cyber attacks on utilities and other critical infrastructure. This is due to the fact that often in the field of water and electricity use outdated technology.

In 2020, the projected increase in the number of the number of targeted attacks on the authorities, individual enterprises and organisations of healthcare through mobile malware and with the help of ransomware.

it is Expected that companies will be more phishing attacks against employees. Phishing stealing sensitive information (passwords, information from social networks, payment card data) by sending messages and emails supposedly on behalf of the state and financial institutions as well as social networks.

according to experts, another trend 2020 will be a fake news during the election campaign, RIA Novosti reported. Before the election of the US President in 2016 began the mass distribution of fake news on the basis of artificial intelligence. Political opponents have achieved some success, creating a special team, able to write and distribute false stories.

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