Even after the race, Juan Sebastian Molano had not calmed down. After the sixth stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné tour, the professional cyclist sought a direct confrontation with Hugo Page. The Colombian talked wildly to Page and hit the Frenchman’s helmet twice. This was harmless compared to what happened earlier with ten kilometers to go.

Because the two drivers clashed during the race. Sitting on the bike and at full speed, Molano had a wild discussion with his 20-year-old competitor. The trigger for the dispute was already on the first stage of the tour. “I had a problem with him since day one of the race. I almost fell on the first stage because of him,” said Molano.

On the sixth section, the Colombian’s collar burst. The 27-year-old didn’t just leave it at words this time, he grabbed Pages’ wheel and tried to beat his opponent. He swung twice, but didn’t really hit the Frenchman.

“Today he changed lines at 80 km/h and came in my direction and pushed me into the other drivers,” Molano explained his freak out. Tempers calmed down briefly during the race. A teammate from Molano was able to settle the dispute. But only until the two met again after crossing the finish line in the paddock.

Page admitted that his behavior on the track was the catalyst for the fisticuffs. Nevertheless, the race management drew consequences from Molano’s behavior and suspended the Colombian with immediate effect before the tour.

Molano was remorseful after his freak out: “I would like to apologize to Hugo Page and all the drivers for what happened. I understand why I was disqualified and I can only say that I regret it and will learn from it.”