Cynical nonsense and the Nativity scene: scandal in Moscow

Sad, classics: this week in the hour of sunset unusually hot in Moscow at Patriarch’s ponds two citizens appeared: Yuriy Solomin, Mikhail Shirvindt. And along with them some 400 residents of the house in the yard which is running a bad deck. Celebrations do not stop even at night. Artists, who were strangers to this celebration of life, achieve order and peace.

Inhabitants of this house at the ponds, unwittingly, every day become unwitting guests loud parties. Right under the Windows they have unexpectedly appeared the restaurant veranda.

“a Time of 23:40. Life at the ponds just erupted. You can see how many people. Today in this bad weather and in good weather people at times,” says actor and producer Andrey Fomin.

Tables are set close to the entrances, to hide from the loud music, laughter and Mat impossible, even behind closed Windows.

Konstantin Vorobyov complains about the constant noise, noise, Smoking, some even celebrated in the courtyard need. According to Natalia Demidova, from the house unsafe to go out after eight in the evening company were drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs.

Summer terrace rose on the former site of the lawn two weeks ago. From passersby the restaurant was fenced in with bushes, and the inhabitants died, leaving only this narrow passage.

“In compensation of the damage put two leaves of cabbage, this is some cynical bullshit. What is happening here until three o’clock in the morning – it’s a Nativity scene,” complained Michael Shirvindt.

“Everything nice, beautiful. But it is a sleeping area, it is not SOHO, where the second floor offices, and on the first walk don’t want,” confirmed the honoured artist of Russia Sergey Mazaev.

This house is a cultural heritage object that is protected by the state. It was built in the 30’s for employees of the Maly theater. National artists, and with them, another 400 residents now wonder why without their permission, they appeared under sideways rose terrace with a dubious reputation.

According to Daniil Petrov, the veranda is located on the local area, without the consent of the tenants here are not to be placed in the veranda. People’s artist of USSR, art Director of the State academic Maly theatre of Russia Yuri Solomin is also outraged, why the tenants didn’t even ask. Residents, tired of daily performances under the open sky, pelted with complaints to various authorities. According to them, the building appeared here illegally. Moreover, the management of the restaurant refuses to show any permits. The conflict between the people and the owners of the verandas had already reached the city authorities. Promise to solve it tomorrow.

“the Sixth of July there will be a meeting of the interdepartmental Commission, which will address the issue of exclusion from the scheme of the dislocation in connection with the insoluble conflict between the residents and the enterprise of public catering”, — said the Deputy head of the Presnensky district Council of Alexander the Sixth.

But residents of the New Arbat war with seedy establishments while losing. Some years they unsuccessfully seeking the closure of these institutions.Requests to turn the music down restaurateurs hard to ignore. Moreover, do not hesitate to threaten and even handsy. The film crew of strangers was unexpectedly attacked. First tried to break the MIC and then beat feet of the operator. To cool the ardor of the attackers was only the police. The three bullies were taken to the police to make a report. [However, the inhabitants still do not feel safe.

the Summer porch at the ponds after several visits, the crew fell silent at 11 a.m. customers are asked to leave. However, the restaurant itself continues to work until late at night. And even after its closure podvypivshie visitors are in no hurry to go home and continue loud a drink under the Windows of nearby houses.

Text: “To Conduct-Moscow”