Damage to more than a million euros from the Museum of stolen ancient coins

From the collection of the Slovak national Museum in Bratislava was abducted ancient coins whose total value exceeds one million euros.

About the circumstances of the accident is almost unknown: the police promised to give details of the theft on January 27.

All information and photographs of the stolen coins also sent to Interpol, where they will contribute to the specialized international database of stolen works of art, writes TASS.

In the numismatic collection of the Slovak national Museum holds copies minted at the mint in Kremnica (Central Slovakia), one of the oldest mints in the world (acts 1328). In addition, the Museum has coins of the Hungarian Kingdom (1001-1918 years), the Holy Roman Empire (962-1806 years), Austrian Empire (1804-1867 years) and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918 years).

Two years ago from the Berlin Bode Museum was stolen 100-kilogram gold coin, valued at $ 4 million. During the investigation of this case was delayed a few people.