Dangerous ill COVID-19, how to save themselves: questions about the coronavirus replied Mikhail Murashko

Why the number of identified cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia is kept at around 8.5 thousand on the day and what awaits us in the fall? Whether dangerous to others recover from coronavirus infection? And whether to take medications to prevent infection? The answers to these and other questions in an exclusive interview with the Minister of health of Michael Murashko.

– Mikhail Albertovich, Hello.

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– In your opinion, how justified were the actions that were taken in the last three weeks? Whether it had been these breaks?

“Every region is in a different stage of the epidemiological process. According to our estimates, 21 the region is fairly calm until. But in the rest all the same epidemiological process flows”, — said the Russian Minister of health.

– you Can highlight regions where more favorable situation?

“there are several regions — is responsible Michael Murashko. For example, Tyumen oblast. Moscow gives a good result in the reduction of hospitalization by the number of cases. But we say keep the rules of hygiene, rules of restrictions, which are recommended to the population, just necessary.”

– If we talk about survivors, whether they on themselves, on clothing, for example, the hands carry the virus? And safely when they start talking?

“a Man with immunity, and better protected himself, — stressed the Minister.- Since its defenses allow it to overcome the virus in case he was faced with it again. The same man who had been ill in the face of any things or, for example, in the case that walk-in guest, for example, will bring coronavirus on clothes or any items, then, of course, the risk exists. Trips to friends to visit still, should still limit”.

– How effective is the use of healthy people of anti-malarial drugs to prevent coronavirus? Is it worth it?

"Since this drug, first there is access only prescription on prescription strongly, oseltamivir these drugs are not recommend. We see that they exist including adverse outcomes, adverse events as allergic reactions, disorder (heart) rhythm, and other”, — says the head of the Ministry of health of Russia.

– In the whole country from 8 to 9 thousand cases a day. This number is not significantly reduced. Why?

“Is the rate of reproduction. Because it ranges from 0.8 to units with small, of course, this affects the total number of cases. A number of regions that have some relief, are increasing the rate of reproduction. This is a format including floating constraints, can be used in different modes: strict quarantine, floating some activities, when restrictions are imposed at the weekend. This option also exists in these models. And can be used” — adds Mikhail Murashko.

– That is, in Russia, too, is a possible format when gradually be rotated and the imposition of quarantine, and cancellation?

“Certainly possible”, confirms the head of the Ministry of health.

– But this deterioration, which, experts expect a fall, from where it can come into our country? Again, the virus will be delivered or will mutate the viruses that are in our country walk?

“Several factors exist. Say and today is statistical evidence that, Yes, there are repeated drifts in the localities and States where the situation was stabilized. But there are also climatic factors,” explains the Minister.

– In what stage is the process of vaccine development? Could it be that just two or three vaccines will be launched into mass production at once?

“This is the best option always, when on the market there are several vaccines, fromsword Michael Murashko. — Because they are made on different platforms, and it’s a different type of vaccine, respectively, for them there are different groups, including the security profile, who can use a particular drug”.

– Thank you very much.