Dangerous sparks. The tank with propane fired firecrackers in the Urals

a Dangerous incident occurred in the Chelyabinsk region. Unknown threw a car with propane firecrackers.

a car with a capacity of driving around Magnitogorsk and stopped at the intersection. At this point the tank got hit with some fireworks. The blows were powerful enough, as sparks flew. Happening citizens were shot on video.

the Incident happened the day before, December 30, at the intersection of Zonagen and Karl Marx. Local residents are outraged by the incident. The danger of the situation is that the tank could be propane. The author of the video, the capacity could be around 14 tonnes of gas. And nearby are houses, Christmas Bazaar, and the traffic on the road at that time was dense enough. Citizens believe that firecrackers most likely blew up children.

the danger of fireworks, probably, is not represented as containers for the transport of dangerous goods designed for heavy loads. However, this case Magnitogorsk resident called blatant, reports cheltv.ru. “I want to ask Santa Claus with a modicum of brains in the New year,” wrote the citizens in social networks.

Text: STRC “South Ural”