Suzette, When I see your eyes, Bambino…. This is the non-exhaustive list of hits by singer Dany Brillant. This artist who seduced the hearts of millions of French people still lives today from his passion for song and continues to give several concerts across France and abroad. In 2020 and 2021, Dany Brillant unveiled his two studio albums paying tribute to singer Charles Aznavour by covering his flagship titles, sometimes accompanied by other celebrities in the industry including Pascal Obispo, Patrick Bruel and Véronic Dicaire.

The 58-year-old artist is no longer a heartbreaker. At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, he met Nathalie Moury, daughter of a Liège entrepreneur named Georges Moury. From this love story two sons were born: Lino in 2010 and Dean in 2012. Two very important first names in his eyes.

“I named my sons Lino and Dean. Because my heroes were Lino Ventura, for what he represented: righteousness, power, the word given. And Dean Martin: for his natural class, his fantasy, his lightness. We have to fight today to be light,” he told our colleagues at Gala. The singer is also the father of a daughter, Léah, born from a previous romantic relationship.

For several years, the Brillant family moved to Belgium, Nathalie Moury’s country of origin. “I spend my life between Paris, where I work, and Brussels, where I live. I have always lived in Paris, but after the attacks of 2015, my wife, Nathalie, who had lived there with me for seventeen years, wanted to move to Brussels, where she found the atmosphere lighter, warmer than in Paris, less tense, and she was right,” he revealed to the newspaper Le Soir in 2020.

Planet invites you to discover his sublime wife in our slideshow.