Daring driver knocked down a pensioner on going to St. Petersburg and disappeared

St. Petersburg police three days looking for the driver of “Lada”, roughly violated the rules and brought down on a pedestrian crossing an elderly woman.

the Accident occurred about three o’clock in the afternoon on 7 January on the corner of avenues of Mentors and Kosygin. The footage from the surveillance camera is seen, as domestic passenger car at high speed crashes at the intersection on a red traffic signal.

Only by a lucky chance the driver didn’t hit anybody on the first transition and rammed povorachivaetsya car. On the second “Zebra” VAZ-2112 tangentially touched 65-year-old woman after the collision she was thrown to the side, she hit her head on the bus. The victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

to trace the hit-and-run offender has not yet succeeded, although the inspectors and set the number of the car, staged an accident.