Data oberstab the coronavirus: the growth rate is steadily declining

Russia has in recent days revealed 8 855 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in 84 regions. At 36.9% of the identified infected there were no clinical manifestations of the disease.

Fully recovered in Russia per day 8 708 people died — 197, the official telegram-channel operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus.

the Daily increase of detected cases of novel coronavirus infection in Russia has remained approximately at the same level for the third week, the growth rate is steadily declining and now stands at 1.97 percent.

With the new data only in Russia revealed 458 689 cases COVID-19, 221 388 people recovered and 5 725 people have died. The total number of active cases of this infection in the country now stands at 231 576. Russia remains in third place in the number of cases of the novel coronavirus after the United States (1 912 965 cases) and Brazil (646 006 cases, the data portal Worldometers).

In Moscow for the day is revealed 1992 new cases COVID-19 per day. At the same 3073 people in the capital have recovered, and 58 patients died. The prevalence of infection in Moscow on Saturday, June 6, decreased to 0.81 after 0,83 0,90 the day before and the day before. In General, the Russian factor, taking into account new data has decreased to 0.97 after on the eve of 0.98 and 1.0 Thursday, June 4.

in this case, When the ratio distribution below 1.0 and when other criteria are met, the CPS focuses on the regions on the transition to the I phase of the lifting of restrictions and a factor less than 0.8 — second stage.