Daughter of Ephraim: you need to be punished and those who rode in the car with my dad

the Daughter of an actor of Michael Efremova Anna-Maria has told, in what condition is her father. According to the girl, the artist feels strongly about the incident.

Anna Maria has shared in conversation with a 360 that Mikhail Efremov feels great guilt, since it is Orthodox and religious person. The artist believes in God and the punishment of the Almighty. According to the daughter, her father is currently not in very good physical condition, since much worried about the incident and the family of the deceased.

the Anna-Maria noted that her father is guilty, but the punishment should be and those who sat with him in the car. She believes that people are not controlled, the condition Efremov sat behind the wheel, allowing him to carry himself.

Anne-Marie said that he wants his father’s just punishment in the context of laws, because the situation is really bad. According to the girl, she’s sorry victim, who at the time of death just live your death.

Recall, the fatal accident occurred late on June 8 near Smolensk square. Mikhail Efremov car drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into the car. The driver of the other vehicle suffered serious injuries and later died in hospital.

currently, Mikhail Yefremov detained. Measure actor June 9 will determine the Tagansky district court.