Davos: Zelensky promised investors a nanny, but Merkel warned against conflicts

From the new 2019 coronavirus-nCoV has already suffered and the global financial markets sank shares of corporate giants whose production is located in China. It is not surprising that pneumonia is a new type of talking and in Davos, but carefully, not pumping panic. Today’s headliner of the forum was the imperturbable German Chancellor Merkel, who has called the Davos of the anti-trump. Unlike the leader of the United States, she always said “we” not “I” and advocated a joint Western efforts for a common future.

a Traditional Ukrainian Breakfast this year changed the political menu. About Russian aggression is not a word, only about the money, which Ukraine is now necessary. President Vladimir Zelensky, who was unable to attend, the day before he flew to Israel, even recorded a special appeal.

“those who invest more than $ 100 million, we conclude a direct investment agreement with the government, based on English law. Such investor will receive their personal guardian — nanny — from the government, who speaks five languages and at any time of the day or night solves all your issues,” he promised Vladimir Zelensky.

if any of the Russian language for communication — is unknown. But the head of the IMF at the meeting with the Ukrainian delegation makes it clear that Russian is closer to her.

“I know that for some people in Ukraine Russian language is not preferred. But I, unfortunately, do not speak Ukrainian. But my niece says because my brother’s wife is from Kharkov,” — said the managing Director of the International monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva.

But yet to get a new tranche of aid from the IMF fails, Kiev is the other creditors. Yesterday, Ukraine issued bonds and increased its debt more than 1 billion euros.

German Chancellor Merkel on the podium Davos reminded of history. Who is behind 75 years of peace in Europe and it is important not to forget about it, getting involved in a new conflicts.

“Today, Israel celebrates the 75-th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. President Steinmeier in Israel, and he will speak about the guilt experienced by the German nation and the suffering we have caused around the world, and the fact that it doesn’t happen again,” said Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

a Large part of the speech of the Chancellor of Germany was devoted to environmental issues. To engage in debate with Donald trump, who called on Europe to abandon gas supplies from hostile countries, she did not dare to the question of whether it would be completed “Nord stream – 2” this year, did not answer.

Held in Davos, Switzerland and a traditional Breakfast of Sberbank. Guests were treated to pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheese and berries. On the forum a lot of time on finding a solution to the problem of inequality between rich and poor. Here is a recipe from Herman Gref.

“it is clear that we need new mechanisms given the fact that automation is growing and we see over the last thirty years the increase in the number of people of ordinary professions. It is necessary either to introduce regulation of special subsidies for socially unprotected people, maybe with a special tax for this. The other classic is, of course, investment in education,” — said the President, the Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Sberbank of Russia” German Gref.

Said on the Breakfast and what skills we need to develop today in the digital age. But the main thing in this race is not to overdo it. The Bank’s experts are sounding the alarm: people don’t have long to chat live and go in the social network, the World took a digital epidemic of autism.

Another epidemic, a new coronavirus Chinese delegates discussing on the sidelines of the forum. In Davos takes seriously the threat of the spread of the disease, but follow the who recommendations and not yet declare an emergency. But just in case, some delegates are already wearing masks. In the rest of the dress code forum traditional: most of the participantsin simple business suits. But some women in colorful dresses and even hats.

all But eclipsed the daughter of the American President. On the first day Ivanka trump changed two looks: elegant black shape with gold belt and elegant dress of emerald color. And the day before was a suit and black dress with a bright pattern already at the evening reception. Despite the fact that Donald trump left for Davos, his daughter remained, as they say, to go skiing.