DAZN is now also increasing the prices for its existing subscribers. The streaming platform has set the new subscription prices for existing customers.

When the costs were doubled for all new and returning subscribers on February 1, DAZN initially kept open how much everyone who already had a contract would pay from August 1. Because of the increased prices for new customers, DAZN had to take a lot of criticism.

Now it is clear: the same price models apply to all DAZN customers. That means: If you want to have the option to cancel monthly, you pay 29.99 euros per month – instead of the previous 14.99 euros.

If you take out an annual subscription, it costs 24.99 euros per month – makes 299.88 euros per year. The monthly price in the annual package was previously EUR 12.50 (EUR 149.99 per year).

DAZN no longer offers a reduced price of 274.99 euros for twelve months if you transfer the annual amount at once. Such offers are still available through partner companies such as Google or Apple.

DAZN will inform customers bit by bit over the next 30 days. It is a legal requirement that subscribers are notified of the price increase 30 days before the contract expires. For example, customers whose subscription is next due on August 6th will be notified by July 7th that they are about to pay more.

The increase in price is due to the expansion course of the online broadcaster. DAZN had recently invested heavily and outperformed competitors in bidding for the media rights of the German Football League (DFL) and Uefa.

To justify the enormous price increase, the following was said last January: “The sports platform is doing justice to the quality and value of its range, which has been greatly expanded since the start of the season, and is positioning itself in the market structure with a reasonable price.”

In order to make the DAZN offer palatable to subscribers despite the higher price, the platform recently announced improvements. The Bundesliga games and selected Champions League games are produced in the sharper Full HD resolution.

In addition, the commentators and moderators in the Bundesliga are now always in the stadium, in the past some of the games were made from the studio in Ismaning. In addition to the classic conference, there will also be a German conference in the premier class if at least two German teams are broadcast in parallel on DAZN.

In terms of personnel, DAZN recently announced the commitment of expert Michael Ballack, who will analyze alternately with Sandro Wagner and Sebastian Kneißl.

DAZN currently offers: 106 Bundesliga games (Fridays and Sundays), almost the entire Champions League (except for a Tuesday game that runs on Amazon), the football leagues from Spain, Italy and France, the NFL, the NBA , the UFC, boxing and the Handball Champions League.