The streaming service DAZN has redesigned its offer and price structure. “Nothing will change in price for existing customers,” said a company spokesman on Tuesday. Accordingly, there will be three packages to choose from in the future:

Background to the measure: After the significant price increase at the beginning of 2022, customers canceled their subscription on the grounds, among other things, that they were not at all interested in the Champions League and the Bundesliga and therefore no longer wanted to pay. “Based on feedback from our customers, we have created a very comprehensive package structure for new customers with offers that differ in terms of content, duration and flexibility,” said the spokesman.

For the complete offer, new customers pay EUR 29.99 a month in the first year, just like old customers. If the customer extends the annual subscription, the price remains the same. The price of EUR 44.99 per month would only be due if you switched to a monthly cancellable subscription.

This rule also applies to the other two offers: For DAZN Super Sports, you have to pay 19.99 euros per month for the first year (after that, 24.99 euros for a monthly cancellable subscription). DAZN World costs EUR 6.99 each for the first twelve months (EUR 9.99).