He lost his fight against illness. Frédéric Mitterrand died Thursday March 21, 2024 at the age of 76, his entourage announced to AFP. The nephew of the former President of the Republic François Mitterrand had been fighting for “several months against an aggressive cancer”.

Cinema owner, TV host and even director, the former Minister of Culture and Communication (for Nicolas Sarkozy from 2009 to 2012) established a long friendship with Jack Lang. The latter reacted to the disappearance of his friend with Le Parisien. “It’s a sixty-year friendship, indelible. I can’t even count the years anymore,” remembers Monique Lang’s husband.

“With my wife Monique, we loved Frédéric passionately,” he confided to our colleagues, making a revelation. “He called me two days ago. His gratitude overwhelmed me, because he wanted to thank me for my loyalty to François. He wanted to greet me: I think it’s the end, Jack… C “It was a painful moment,” regrets the former French minister.

The day after the disappearance of the politician and father of three children, Jack Lang paid him a moving tribute in the TF1 morning show. “We shared our anger, our passions, our desires,” he confided to political journalist Adrien Gindre during their interview. In all frankness, remembering “his extreme sensitivity, his ability to be alternately belching and in admiration “. He loved “her excesses, but also her tenderness, her extreme kindness and her goodness”.

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A shower of praise for the one he considered a “beautiful soul”, also returning to their last phone call “like a farewell ceremony” to his friend. Jack Lang finally greeted him on his Instagram page (above) by revealing a long testimony, accompanied by a souvenir photo. A look back at their friendship in our slideshow.