December hits record heat, but the chance to meet New year with snow still have

2019 may be the most warm in Moscow for all history of meteorological observations. While this title belongs to 2015, but it is possible that the record will be updated. As they say forecasters, in December there is the significant deviation from the norm: now on 7 degrees warmer than usual. However, the Muscovites, despite the warm temperatures, I’m disappearing. And the championship on winter fishing decided not to cancel.

fishing in the suburbs will require absolutely no winter attribute, namely the boat. And here is Santa Claus on the horizon: what winter — and a transport.

– Soon to be snow and ice, and winter — wait!

Reindeer and sleigh — at least not yet, apparently, irrelevant.

the Istra reservoir the ice is absolutely not constrained by that at all unusual for December. But, nevertheless, the championship on ice fishing takes place here. When walking on thin ice it is necessary to observe certain security measures, but how he is strong, can be tested only empirically. In any case, at the time of the tournament on the ice spread out a life preserver.

“Planned to hold the tournament there, where now, in fact, open water. The thickness of all the criteria safe. When the ice thickness of 7 inches, you can walk on it,” says organizer Sergei Agafonov.

In the “Aptekarsky ogorod” blooming crocuses and snowdrops. Just like in the fairy tale “Twelve months” — maybe Reid knew something about global warming.

“We are standing in front of the rhododendron, usually blooming in March, and this year, thanks to warm weather, it has bloomed now,” said the chief gardener of the Botanical garden of MSU “Aptekarsky ogorod” Anton Dubenyuk.

On the slopes, you can clearly see the line where it ends with fake snow and starts on grass. Snehapuri silent — even for them too heat.

“If you include her now, at zero temperature, will flow water”, — explains the chief of station operation cable car roads Andrei Artamonov.

the Heroic battle for the island of winters continues in the heart of Moscow — New Arbat street.

“Working in very heavy weather conditions, constantly melting snow, pouring rain, strong wind. But our team of shapers daily updates slope,” — said administrator Maria Osterkamp.

If this is not the warmest, one of the most warm certainly. In devices for measuring the height of snow cover is no need.

“this December is likely to be the second in a series of the hottest December in the history of meteorological measurements. A record hot December was in 2006. Climate change is an objective reality, influence it is difficult, therefore, we should try to enjoy any weather,” — says leading researcher of the Department of meteorology and climatology of geographical faculty of Moscow state University Mikhail Lokoshchenko.

“Over the past 30 years the temperature in Moscow rose by 4 degrees. It’s pretty much — we have December was about the same as November 30 years ago,” — said the Deputy Director of the Institute of atmospheric physics named after A. M. Obukhov of RAS Vladimir Semenov.

still, the chance to meet New year with snow still to the end of the week weather forecasters promise a negative temperature.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”