Defrocked father Sergius did not want to answer for their preaching

Tuesday in court in Verkhnyaya Pyshma began meeting on the case of defrocked by father Sergiy (Romanov), in a sermon whose examination found signs of incitement of hatred and enmity. The interests represented by counsel Romanova Svetlana Gerasimova, he has not appeared, reports TASS.

Novels accused of spreading false information, threatening life and health of citizens.

on 4 June it became known that experts of the Ministry of interior in the Sverdlovsk region found in the sermons of schemamonk Sergius in the grounds of an offense under article “inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity” administrative code, the materials are sent to Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier it was reported that Ksenia Sobchak and his colleagues were attacked during the filming of the story of the scandalous chiyoumen Sergius, recently banned the service after a number of sharp statements in which he called for disobedience to the state and Church authorities as well as the denial of the pandemic coronavirus.

According to Sobchak, his crew attacked a group of aggressive people, prevent them to work at the monastery. The defenders of the monastery were not allowed to film, attacked the people who came with Sobchak, and took their camera.

After the incident, politician and TV presenter appealed to law enforcement agencies.