The organizers of the demo star march to the venue of the G-7 summit are complaining about the location near the castle assigned to them by the authorities. “It’s not within reach or sight,” emphasized applicant Franz Haslbeck from the “Stop G 7 Elmau” protest alliance on Sunday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 500 meters as the crow flies between the planned location and the conference venue Schloss Elmau. “These 500 meters do not take into account the court ruling.”

This was preceded by lengthy negotiations with the authorities, which – according to a court ruling from the last G-7 summit at Schloss Elmau in 2015 – finally allowed a protest close to the heads of state and government of the seven leading western industrialized countries.

According to this, a group of a maximum of 50 demonstrators registered by name should be driven in police vehicles to the otherwise inaccessible security area at the castle on Monday. The other trains of the star march end at a greater distance from the conference venue.

After the G-7 demonstration in Munich, four participants were still being held on Sunday morning. A judge should decide later today whether they should be held in custody, a police spokesman said. The investigators accuse the four activists of assaulting police officers with dangerous bodily harm.

The background is clashes between demonstrators and police officers at the rally on Saturday through Munich. The police are investigating a total of six activists for violence against those in uniform. The officials put the number of arrests on Saturday at nine, a final balance was still pending on Sunday morning.

Significantly fewer people came to the demonstration than expected. The police spoke of around 4,000 participants, the organizers of around 6,000 protesters. According to official information, the Munich police deployed around 3,000 emergency services at the protest meeting.