Died a street cat named Bob that gave the addict the meaning of life

Sad news for animal lovers in the UK died a famous ginger cat named Bob. Four-legged was 14 years old.

About the departure of Bob from the life stated on page in Facebook dedicated to him. The cause of death of the animal is not explained.

Red cat is famous in the world is friendship with street musician James Bowen. The man tried to recover from drug addiction and led a sad life. One evening he saw in the entrance of the red cat, which is subsequently attached, and the animal to man. Bob followed James on his heels when he left the house. As a result, the UK resident took the cat to him and even took him with me when I was playing on the street. This company did not remain without attention of passers-by who were filming the events on video and then posted to the Network. This brought popularity as Bowen and Bob. We can say that the man has found the meaning of life thanks to the four-legged friend.

James Bowen has released several books on his amazing friendship with a cat. In 2016, even the film was released, in which was attended by Bob himself.