Died former head of Soviet counterintelligence

At the 101st year, died a famous Soviet counterintelligence Ivan Ustinov, reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

Ivan Lavrent’evich Ustinov was born on 1 Jan 1920. In 1942 he became a senior operative of the special Department of the NKVD in the 16-th army. After the great Patriotic war he was appointed to the group of Soviet forces in Germany, then transferred to the far Eastern military district.

In 1970, the Ustinov took the post of chief of the 3rd Directorate of the KGB, but after three years returned to Germany, where he served until the withdrawal of the reserve in 1981.

Among the awards Ivan Ustinov are two orders of the red banner, Order of Patriotic war I degree, three orders of the red star.