Died in USA the designer who made the engine for the rocket Gagarin

In the United States at the age of 94 years died one of the most famous scientists – designer Anatoliy Daron. Almost half a century he worked in NPO “Energomash” – the company, which is developing rocket engines.

Anatoly Davidovich as the leading designer developed, in particular engines for the family of the legendary Soviet ballistic missile R-7, which was created of the carrier rockets “Vostok” (which delivered the first man in space), Voskhod and Soyuz, on account of his – many other important developments in the Soviet rocket.

He died on June 24 in the United States, where the family lived since 1998. According to the report of NPO “Energomash”, to Daron left due to the deterioration of many years of disease — cardio-renal failure.

Anatoly Daron was born in 1926 in Odessa, in 1948 graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute (MAI).

From August 1948 to June 1998, he worked in the OKB-456 (now NPO “Energomash”). Here he progressed from design engineer to head of Department — chief designer.

the Honoured constructor of the RSFSR, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Daron was a knight of the order of Lenin, red banner of Labor and Friendship.