Died Ivan Passer

the American Director and writer of Czech origin Ivan Passer died on 87 year of life on 9 January, reports TASS.

Born in the family of the Director of the national Bank of the Czech Republic, the Passer after graduating from the Prague Academy of arts collaborated with well-known colleague and countryman Milos Forman (“one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest”), becoming one of the followers of the New wave in Czech cinema. After the Prague spring and emigrated to the United States. His first American work, “Born to win” with Robert de Niro received critical acclaim.

later, as the Director made another 14 paintings, wrote screenplays for three films. His most famous works in petcherski period: the American-Russian-Hungarian “Stalin” with Robert Duvall in the title role, “Summer of ghosts” about a series of mysterious events on lake Geneva at the home of Byron, the erotic Thriller “Crime and passion” with Omar Sharif. Passer started to shoot the film “Nomad”, however, later refused to participate in the project and the painting was finished by Sergei Bodrov.

Passer died in the city of Reno (NV).