At the age of 86 years died Japanese actor Jo of Shishido starred in almost 300 films. On the death of the artist according to Cine-Asie.

in order to Sisido not perceived as a naïve young boy, the artist decided to change the image. To do this, the man resorted to plastic surgery to increase cheeks, and that was it distinctive, memorable feature in appearance.

Jo Shishido starred in many films as a “bastard and a scoundrel.” Critic Felix zilich noted that in a few months, he became for the world the epitome of the perfect killer.

Special popularity of Sisido brought to the motion picture “Youth of the beast” (1963). Since 1971 the Japanese starred in the tapes, which contained a large amount of violence and eroticism. For an artist of this genre was unacceptable, because he broke the contract. Later, Shishido started their own cooking gear.

In 2001, the man again turned to a plastic surgeon, but in order to removed the silicone implants. This operation was shown on TV live.

the TV Channel BFMTV said that the films of the artist influenced the work of Quentin Tarantino and Jim Jarmusch.