Died one of the twins, whose parents starved

One of the babies-twins who were starved by their own parents, died in hospital, according to the Imprint on the Kamchatka edge. Earlier it was reported that in the town of Vilyuchinsk was hospitalized four-month-old infants whose parents left without food and water for a few days. Their parents, according to investigators, went into the bout at the end of may. As a result, children in serious condition were hospitalized. The girl was hospitalized in Vilyuchinskaya city hospital, where she provided timely medical assistance. The boy, in critical condition delivered to the intensive care unit of the Kamchatka regional children’s infectious hospital. Doctors were unable to save him.

In respect of the couple women born in 1997 and men born in 1985 — prosecuted for “failure to perform parental duties and the abandonment of children in danger.” After the death of one of the kids they are threatened by another article of the criminal code — deliberate causing of the death of a child. Wife taken into custody.

Previously, the Moscow teenager who starved her father and stepmother, couldn’t take the bullying and committed suicide.