Director of SMRC them. Blokhin told about the peculiarities of treatment of cancer patients during a pandemic

coronavirus Pandemic has left an imprint on the work of medical institutions. Many patients, including cancer patients, were forced to postpone planned tests and treatment. As working during a pandemic, the national medical research center of Oncology named after Nikolai Blokhin, said its Director, academician Ivan Stilidi.

“Problems of Oncology have not faded into the background, the resolution of the government assistance to cancer patients all this time was and is provided in full,” – said Stilidi the TV channel “Russia 24”. And yet, the oncologists had to “make every effort to consider all measures to reduce the incidence of coronavirus infection.”

About two months, the Center worked with a reduced load.

“a Little more than 50 percent of beds were filled. This is because of transportation constraints and due to the measures of quarantine. We have organized a special way the flow of our patients in the hospital to prevent the risk of an outbreak of the pandemic in the institution,” – said the academician.

Speaking of that, does not face whether the centre with the influx of patients after the lifting of quarantine measures Stilidi noted that there is a problem: it is likely that patients will be more at the expense of those who have not asked for help during the epidemic. However, the mass of applications with which the Oncology service would be unable to cope, the doctor does not expect.

“I believe that some load will have to work with doctors in clinics, in primary care in the Oncology clinics of the Federation, but explosive character, I do not expect”, – said Stilidi.

In his opinion, such consequences could occur if the restrictive measures continued to operate for another three months or six months.

“Now I believe that the service can handle the influx of patients that we will go”, – concluded academician.

Informed about the specifics of cancer treatment during a pandemic COVID-19 Director of National medical research center of radiology, chief oncologist of Ministry of health of Russian Federation, academician Andrey Kaprin.