Director Serebrennikov has been charged with embezzlement 129 million rubles

on June 26 in petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has announced the verdict in the case of the Director Kirill Serebrennikov and three other defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio”.

The conviction, stated that “pieces of silver, Malopolski, Itin committed fraud, i.e. theft of another’s property by deception and abuse of trust by an organized group, in especially large size”.

In the last examination is the amount slightly less than the 129 million rubles, reports RIA Novosti.

As stated in the sentence, “in the period 2011-2014 firms, engaged in cashing in, through fictitious contracts was transferred 131 million”, and “according to the judgment, the damage amounted to 128,9 million rubles.”

the Prosecution asked for Serebrennikov to 6 years in prison for other defendants in the case – from 4 to 5 years.

the guilt of Ramtha Director and former officer of the Russian Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum in the introductory part of the verdict the judge has not specified.

on the Platform project, which implemented the “Seventh Studio”, from the Federal budget were allocated 216 million rubles. When a case of the “Seventh Studio” took the Investigative Committee, the first examination has estimated the damage at 133 million.

Then a second examination has established that the defendant, on the contrary, I saved money culture, but the third review has estimated the damage at nearly 129 million rubles.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the case, said it is “an opportunity for us to carefully analyze how the expenditure of public funds in cultural institutions,” TASS reports.