What happened to young Lina? Almost eight months after the disappearance of the young girl, the investigation is still stalling…

On September 23, Lina was walking between her home and the station, when she disappeared, in the town of Saint-Blaise-la-Roche, in Bas-Rhin. Since then, there has been no trace of the 15-year-old girl, despite the ongoing investigation and the great resources put into resolving this matter.

A recent report from Sept à Huit returns to this mysterious news item which has intrigued all of France since this fall. At the heart of the report, the new confidences of one of Lina’s cousins ​​which shed light on the investigation from a new angle. The latter confides in the teenager, whom she considers her “sister, confidante and best friend”.

Her cousin, during the report, reveals that Lina had confided in her about the rape she suffered at the age of 13 and a half. Then to his mother, more than a month after the incident, so as not to worry her.

She also reveals that following this attack, Lina would have suffered a significant wave of harassment. “I thought they were jealous friends. She told me ‘there are some who threaten to kill me, who threaten my family, or to return home.’

Revelations that once again raise many questions about Lina: did she have enemies? Difficult at the moment to determine if these cases are linked to Lina’s disappearance, or if it is a terrible combination of circumstances? And allow us to better understand the personality of the young girl, to understand what happened to her on that fateful day.

The confidences of Lina’s cousin indeed shed new light on the investigation, particularly in light of her personality. And makes her absence all the more intriguing: running away is unthinkable, the fact that she got into the car of a complete stranger, difficult to imagine, develops the newspaper Midi Libre. What was confirmed by her cousin during the Sept à Huit report: “it’s not possible for her to run away, not even with one of her friends,” reports the newspaper Midi Libre.

The young girl disappeared in an unexplained way. Which has since left a black hole in the investigation. A friend of the young woman confided to our colleagues that the young teenager contacted her the morning of her disappearance, points out Midi Libre. Lina then tells him that she is going to join her boyfriend, Tao, in Strasbourg, specifying “I have to walk”, a detail which could therefore be important.

It was during these three kilometers that separated it from the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station that everything changed. The young girl will never reach the station. On the way, she talks with Tao, her boyfriend, who has long been singled out, describing her outfit in a short video. But the conversation will stop a few hundred meters later. Apart from the mayor who thinks he saw her in the distance, no one will see the young girl again afterwards.

According to the dog’s assessment, Lina’s smell suddenly disappears on the road, as if she had gotten into a car. This is what a local resident who puts his “hand to cut” assures. According to him, it’s certain: Lina was in a vehicle, he would have seen it with his own eyes, also returns Midi Libre.