Discontinued the case of a teenager who committed explosion in the building of the FSB in the Arkhangelsk region

a Source in law enforcement agencies reported that on non-rehabilitating grounds, FSB investigators closed the criminal prosecution of a teenager who in October 2018 carried into the building of the FSB in the Arkhangelsk region explosive device and was killed by the explosion.

there Was a thorough investigation, and then issued a decision to dismiss on terrorism in connection with the death of the suspect, reports TASS.

the death of the person involved applies to non-rehabilitating grounds for termination of proceedings, which means only the completion of the process evidence of guilt, but not dismissal of the charges.

the Explosion at the entrance to the building of management of FSB of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region occurred on October 31, 2018. The teenager who brought the explosive device into the building, died on the spot, three FSB officers were injured.

the accident was initiated a criminal case under two articles — “Terrorist act” and “Illegal possession of ammunition”.

in addition to the investigations in the Arkhangelsk region, on the initiative of the FSB in the investigation of the criminal case together with the investigation searches were conducted in Chelyabinsk, two local residents, who were in correspondence with had organized the explosion as a teenager.