It was only in 2008 that it became a democracy. Previously, the island of Sark, located in the English Channel, was a feudal state – one of the last in the world -, a fiefdom where serfs lived. If the title of lord still exists there since its creation in the 16th century, it is no longer only honorary, as its current bearer, Christopher Beaumont, explained to the Breton information site Rennes Infos Autre during a interview in 2023. Even in English, it is the French word “lord” that is used.

And if you want a change of scenery, you will be served. On this 5 km2 land, you can only travel on foot, by bike, or on horseback. The island called Sark Island in English, which belongs to the Anglo-Norman archipelago, is therefore a dependency of the British crown. More precisely, it is part of the “Bailiwick of Guernsey” and has just over 500 inhabitants.

Sark has experienced a resurgence in popularity since the lockdowns following the Covid-19 crisis. If its tax system may seem very advantageous – we do not pay income tax, as this article from Courrier International reminds us – there is also no health system as we know it in France , although an attachment to the British health service was voted in 2023.

To get to this island located around thirty kilometers from the French coast, you generally have to take a boat. Allow 180 euros for a round trip by ferry (with obligatory stopover in Jersey) departing from Carteret in May. It is also possible to get there by plane from the United Kingdom.

Please note, even to spend a single day there, you will need to bring a passport (the identity card is not enough).

Discover in pictures some splendid Sercquiais landscapes as well as various information on this island.