Discussion forum: trump dodged Zelensky and admitted envy Thunberg

At the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland today, 22 January, the shift of the high guests. The American President gave a farewell interview and flew back to Washington, passing atrohov the Europeans for stinginess, promising the ambulance trade deal with China and Britain. In addition, trump admitted that he is jealous of Greta Thunberg, since it is placed on the cover of Time magazine. It is not known specifically, but trump’s schedule was organized so that it is not met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

At the Ukrainian house in Davos today, January 22, was the revival. Girls in bright dresses handed out to guests shirts, but for negotiations, the Ukrainian President chose a neighboring building that houses the Indonesian house.

unlike the President, the head of the “Servant of the people” David Arakhamiya was more talkative — in pure Russian, he talked about the law on language, “subject to change. We went through this large system, the law, and I think we may reconsider this bill, this rule. Look, we have no oppression of the Russian language, because I’m talking to you on it.”

the Ukrainian leader in performance came with empty hands, in contrast to Poroshenko, who five years ago with this scene frightened the world of the Russian aggression, dragged the door of the bus, exploded near Volnovakha. Zelensky said in the Ukrainian language when almost empty hall.

“Went for the sixth year, in my country there is a war raging. Already six years have passed since Russia robbed Ukraine of its territory, despite the thousands of pages of international law and hundreds of organizations that are designed to protect our sovereignty. Now it has become the norm. The world United in an attempt to overcome the difficulties, but is that enough for the Ukrainians?”.

He campaigned Europeans to invest in Ukraine — not only because it is the cheapest in Europe, the labor force (about 400 dollars a month), andthe fact that Kiev promises large investors preferences, but the same IMF is in no hurry to lend Ukraine the money. On the question of whether Ukraine can expect a new tranche, the managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva said:

the Ukraine has to fulfill all those conditions that were laid down in our agreement on the level of employees of the International monetary Fund. When this is done, then it will be time to submit for the attention of the Board of Directors proposal for the approval of $ 1.5 billion.

From Davos Zelensky flies to Israel. There is information that the Ukrainian side had requested the meeting with Putin, but about what he wants to talk with the Russian President, Zelensky did not answer. But the question of when is the next exchange of prisoners, he explained: “I Want. Honestly, as soon agree. We have two tracks. We say in Normandy format will be talk separately with the Russian Federation. These are two different track”. On the question of whether he will go on May 9 in Moscow will be talking with Putin in Israel, Zelensky said nothing.

Zelensky, of course, hoped at least for a short handshake with trump. On the question of whether the American leader’s meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, the US President did not answer. He left the Convention center before there appeared Zelensky. All the important meetings the American President had early in the morning.

In Davos spotted the first handshake between the U.S. and Iraq after the killing of General Soleimani and demands Baghdad to deduce the American base from the country.

“This is an important meeting with trump to discuss the events in our region. Now a very difficult and challenging us to challenge the times,” — said at a meeting with the American leader, the President, the President of Iraq, Barham Saleh.

“we Have a very good relationship and we reduce the number of troops. Already reduced to five thousand people. This is the lowest number in history. Now let’s see what happens,” said The trump.

Understanding trump waiting and Europeans, otherwise he threatened new duties: “Conducting business with the European Union, the United States lost $ 150 billion over many years. They have trade barriers, everywhere duties. They do zhto unreal. To some extent the negotiators from the European Commission were stricter with us than the representatives of China. I believe that we will be able to make a deal. If this does not happen, we will need to do something in response”. But the sanctions cudgel not the most effective way of dealing with competitors and sometimes hits those who have it in their hands.

“German, French businesses, French policies are set to restore relations with Russia, and this is already happening. We see the chances of improving relations with the United States, because American business sees more opportunities in Russia, and, of course, before the election, maybe the political rhetoric will not allow to do it, but after the election, it might be the right time to improve relations Russia and the USA”, — commented the CEO of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev.

Passed today in the forum and session with the participation of Russian speakers. Talking about reform and about how to increase the growth of our economy and that our country is ready to cooperate.