Diseases of the spine and diabetes: what can testify to leg cramps

About 75 percent of people at least once in their lifetime experienced a condition called cramp. From what cramps and what problems they may indicate, in the broadcast channel “Russia 1” said cardiovascular surgeon, phlebologist, PhD, an expert on innovative methods of treatment of varicose disease Eugene he.

According to the doctor, seizures can be in perfectly healthy people, for example, while swimming in cold water. Also seizures may indicate the presence of diseases.

“we Need to do ultrasonography and see if there are any problems with the veins, because varicose veins and chronic venous disease is the first that gives you seizures or single seizures” – said he.

Also cramps can be a symptom of multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

“Chronic diseases of the spine such as herniated disc, disc protrusion are all diseases that can cause seizures are rare, – continued the doctor. Next. Because vitamin D is very important for our intestines absorb calcium, in the case of vitamin D deficiency quite often develop hypocalcemia, then a person has a low level of calcium in the blood. This in turn leads to the fact that muscles are easier to pass into a state of spastic contraction”.

Convulsions typically occur in people who lead a sedentary or very active lifestyle.

“the person who practically does not move, increased venous pressure, and this can lead to convulsions” – said he.

Cramps, swelling and heaviness in the legs may indicate varicose veins. If, after the contraction of the muscles does not stop pain, it is quite possible that we are talking about the thrombosis, and cut off the blood clot can lead to death.

Speaking how to get rid of the seizures, he recommended the use of compression socks.

“the Compression, especially of prophylactic compression, it is a very important element. Once a person begins to use this compression, seizures totally disappear, – said the doctor. – Of course, we don’t need to forget about venotonic – drugs that reduce inflammation of the venous wall”.

as for the ointments, it is symptomatic treatment, it does not affect the cause of convulsions.