Disgraced the Ural Abbot Sergius barricaded themselves in a convent

the Yekaterinburg diocese encourages to pray for the admonition of chiyoumen Sergei (Nicholas Romanov) — the founder of Sredneuralskaya convent and spiritual father of many famous people (including he was the spiritual father of Natalia Polonskaya).

Previously, the diocese was deprived of father Sergius the right to preach because he publicly called coronavirus the “pseudopodia, said that Russian citizens are going to put in the “e-camp of Satan”, “the wicked put on the self-isolation”, deprived of “freedom and work” and urged his parishioners to go out.

on the Eve of 15 June, a meeting of the diocesan Church court in the case of chiyoumen Sergius, but its consideration was postponed to June 26.

“In the Yekaterinburg diocese are encouraged to pray for understanding of chiyoumen Sergius, he is given the chance to think before the next court session”, — told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese.

Meanwhile, local media reported that father Sergius “was captured by” the convent in Sredneuralsk, and on its perimeter exhibited Cossack patrols.

Reporters the entrance is banned, allowed only pilgrims, according to local portal 66.ru.

failed to get to the monastery and Archpriest Georgiy Viktorov, who had previously appointed the Deputy senior priest Sredneuralskaya convent for the services and assistance to the prioress of the monastery nun Varvara (Krygina).

However, according to local newspaper with reference to the colleague of father Sergius Vsevolod Mogucheva, to meet Archpriest Georgy came believers that “their appearance was given to understand that in no mood to listen to other people’s orders”, so to enter the territory, he did not and left, taking with him and the abbess Varvara.

the report also noted: in the Yekaterinburg diocese acknowledged that the monastery is out of control.

in the comments of the radio station “Moscow speaking” the Diocesan Secretary withthe Council of the monastery, hegumen Veniamin Ratnikov reminded that father Sergius had imposed a ban to serve, but he broke it.

the Abbot explained that the Abbot “has not occupied the monastery — he lives there”.

“Just maybe, afraid that his strength will be there to remove, so take security measures,” said Benjamin Ratnikov.

He also confirmed that father Sergius is a conflict with the mother superior, because she does not support his “anti-Catholic position.”

the Secretary of the Diocesan Council of the monastery said that “the leadership of the monastery does not intend to resort to force” – “that’s not Christian methods.”

However, said the hegumen Veniamin Ratnikov if Abbot Sergius “would violate the law, then we will think what to do.”