Dispelled popular myths about tea

Gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov debunked popular myths about tea. Recalling that on 27 June 1615 tea came to Europe, Paramonov article for the “AIF” told me that still we don’t know everything about this beverage and its variants. For example, the fear that a strong tea dangerous to hypertensive persons and cores incorrectly. “Tea is really a lot of caffeine, but recent studies show that over hypertension this drink is not bound,” said the doctor.

it is also believed that high blood pressure is healthier to drink green rather than black tea. According to Paramonova, there is no fundamental difference, since they are about the same caffeine content. Green tea good in the heat, but also in moderation. The statement about the milk tea as inhibitor of the digestion is also not tenable. “Even if milk proteins are contacted, they will then be digested with tea,” said Paramonov.

Earlier, the doctor Alexander Myasnikov told what previously banned these drinks are recommended to drink in the heat.